16/08/2022 - 23/08/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Ha Jin Lee - The Sensuous Heart Traveller

Tue-Tue: 10-7pm

Curator Rokhee Hwang, from Gangneung South Korea, is bringing a solo exhibition featuring Ha Jin Lee to the J/M Gallery 230 Portobello Road, running from 16 – 23 August, 2022. 'The Sensuous Heart Traveller' blends a multitude of geographical inspiration and experiences derived from Ha Jin’s upbringing in South Korea, as well as the many cultures and countries in which the artist has explored and lived in.

Location and origin has an extremely significant influence on an individual. For South Korean artist Ha Jin Lee, the expressions of human life play a significant role in their expression.


Ladbroke Grove 230 Portobello Rd, W11 1LJ