04/09/2021 - 30/09/2021


Hackney Comic & Zine Fair 2021

The Hackney Comic + Zine Fair is proud to present this public exhibition featuring brand new art from Peony Gent, Mike Harman, Ed Firth, Olivia Sualdea, Aleesha Nandhra, Havva Bird, Thunderchair, Laylah Amarchih, Korinna Mei Veropolou, Nic Mac, Shangomola Edunjobi, Mereida Fajardo, and Natasha Natarajan.

Following the theme of 'Mental Health & Wellbeing', the artists reflect on their own struggles through lockdown; the good, bad and ugly of an already isolated profession. The images have been commissioned in the style of an 'exquisite corpse' – the classic game where each artist follows on from the end of the previous one’s work – to create a narrative that flows from panel to panel, but can also be enjoyed individually.

The fair has also partnered with thirteen local mental health organisations, and will be providing information on how to reach them and what resources they can provide alongside each piece of artwork.


Dalston Gillett Square, Dalston