25/08/2022 - 24/09/2022

New Work - Textiles

Hangama Amiri - Reminiscences

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

"[…] As each Matsubara exhibition passes, the plot thickens: in previous presentations, his muses are displayed flirting, or else they gaze solemnly at one another. Here, they’re inseparable, fused tightly together in clay and paint. To represent a spectrum of passions and emotions, the two floors are treated comparatively – upstairs, a labyrinthine pink maze houses ceramic figures on rug pedestals; a sparser downstairs counters with low-hanging lamps casting glittered light onto paintings. Matsubara’s attraction to their story alters with his every rendering of it, while each person who enters reinvents it again with their own understanding. And so the story twists again, with its hearsay, confusions, regrets and remorse..." - Extract from Gallery Director Ted Targett's supporting text.


Aldgate 17 Goulston St, E1 7TP