10/06/2022 - 13/08/2022

New Work - Works with Paper

Hanji: Paper Compositions

The Korean Cultural Centre, UK presents Hanji: Paper Compositions, an exhibition that explores the possibilities of traditional Korean paper, or hanji.

The exhibition approaches hanji as a versatile material, and features the work of over 20 internationally recognised and emerging artists whose mastering of various hanji techniques allows them to push the boundaries of making processes and practices.

Artists - Cho Byung Guk, Choi Sung Rok, Jang Eung Yeol, Jeon Hye Kyoung, Jung Ji Youn, Kang Young Sook, Kim Eun Hee, Kim Han Su, Kim Jung Soon, Kim Keum Ja, Kim Yang Hee, Kim Weon Ja, Lee Bu Ok, Lee Gun Hee, Lee Ji Hyun, Lee Sun Kyung, Oh Myung Hee, Park Chul, Park Dong Sam, Moon Yeon Hee, Moon You Mi, Na Seo Hwan.


Charing Cross Northumberland Ave, WC2N 5BW