6 - 8pm, Wednesday 30th Oct


Hannah Nowlan - TUNDRA

Returning for her second solo show with Saint Cloche, following a sell-out show last year, Hannah Nowlan is quickly establishing herself as an emerging artist to watch. Meditations on afterlife, death, duality, mythology and spirituality, Hannah’s paintings are offered up in a state of reverence and letting go. Much like the raw, exposed linen she loves to work with, Hannah’s paintings render an introspective view into her often shifting, refracted and sensitive state of being.
With TUNDRA, Hannah continues to process important experiences of her life through her work, unearthing personal shadows as a method of healing. Inspired by an organic, paired-back and exposed set of materials; she saturates personal narratives with ancient symbolism.
Low, cool temperatures, ghostly and barren, TUNDRA is between the worlds of life and death; a purgatory of vast wilderness within one’s psyche and soul. There’s a sense of being frozen in motion, slow, far from reality and in infinite space with no clear path in sight. Spectral shapes appear to converge, undulate and conspire into realms of figure and fable.
The dark themes of the work are cleansed and eased by an understated palette; restraint on colour and instead focussing on the sincerity of material and texture – as well as the ephemeral nature of shadows and spirits.
Photographed and displayed, like objects, the works function as physical entities; creating links between grief, spirit, landscape and family. The viewer can project and enter spaces within the paintings, like entering a portal or crossing a threshold.
Looking into the role symbolism plays within her life, Hannah directs the viewer to moments of introspection, meditation and self-acquisition.


Paddington 37 Macdonald Street, Paddington NSW 2021