04/02/2023 - 21/02/2023

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Harlesden High Street Offsite project - Savannah Harris - Looking Into The Shimmer

Thu-Sat: 12-5pm

Harlesden High Street presents Savannah Marie Harris's debut - Looking Into The Shimmer. This solo exhibition delves into being without an agenda, the intention is to consider what does the antagonist truly remember.

Savannah Marie captures a space of complexity where the audience rifles through their own remembrance as they take the journey through the carved and layered painting before them.

"There is a conversational harmony between Savannah Marie and the canvas as oil is applied and eroded in the same breath. Indulging in an intuitive art practice leads the current Royal College of Art (2021-2023) attendee, into paths of the familiar and nostalgic, with only the fluid intentions to feel. Memory is dared to annihilate the decision making based on future brush strokes, instead Savannah Marie audaciously invites her mind to places she doesn't recollect yet has emotionally and spiritually been before."

Looking into the Shimmer will be on display at 96 Chalton Street, and then continue its presence at Harlesden High Street from 24.02-18.03.


Euston 96 Chalton Street, NW1 1HJ