08/10/2021 - 23/10/2021

New Work - Moving Image

Harlesden High Street present Emmanuel Awuni & Koyejo Oloko - HEAT

Sadie Coles HQ hosts an exhibition in Collaboration with Harlesden High Street.

"As Strike tries to disperse young Tyrone, packing brown paper bag, we cut to a scene with Strike gliding gently toward the audience, rocking a red long sleeved shirt, he pinches the bridge of his nose with a sense of angst before realising.. We pan toward a basketball court where children play and some old cat reading his daily rag.

The perspective then edges slowly toward a blue sedan before panning left to show Strike in third person ducking behind a metal fence. We then cut back to the car with Errol standing infront of it, jonesing and doing the crackhead lean, stretching out, zombified, scratching the back of his neck with his elbow high."


Soho 62 Kingly St, W1B 5QN