14/07/2022 - 06/08/2022

New Work - Photography

Hellen van Meene - A Danger Illustrated

Tue-Sat: 11-6:30pm

‘A Danger Illustrated’ presents a new collection of work by the renowned Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene, exploring themes of femininity, domesticity, trepidation and change in a world replete with peril.

Working in analogue and in small format, Hellen’s photographs focus on young people at the stage between adolescence and adulthood. It is an uncertain moment, full of trepidation and fraught with the anxieties of change. Hellen finds glimpses into these intimate inner worlds and brings their fragility to light in ways that are sometimes unsettling, often uncomfortable, but always sensitive and sincere.'


Angel 354 Upper St, N1 0PD