7 - 8:30pm, Friday 21st Feb

Performance Lecture

Hermine Demoriane - Tightrope

Hermine published 'The Tightrope Walker' (1989), sharing a diary of her years as a performer on the tightrope. From appearances at the Grand Magic Circus in Paris and Derek Jarman's 'Jubilee', her career on the wire straddled several alternative cultures in the seventies. Peopled by a gallery of figures from that world - including Dali, Erté, Andrew Logan, her husband Hugo Williams, Philippe Petit, Eno, Nick Lowe, Nick Kent.

In this performance lecture Hermine will give a direct account of her life as a funambulist and she also evokes the spirit of earlier tightrope walkers who pioneered the art - the legendary Blondin, Madame Saqui and others

The evening will feature a raffle to win a copy of 'The Tightrope Walker' (1989) which Barry Miles put amongst his top 10 counterculture books.


St Lukes 21 Roscoe St, EC1Y 8PT