6:30 - 9pm, Thursday 27th Feb


Historic Group Show - Women Refugee Photographers in Britain after 1933 - Another Eye

During the 1930s, more than 70,000 refugees came to Britain from Nazi-dominated Europe. Amongst those escaping anti-Semitic and political persecution were a surprising number of women photographers. These women brought fresh, modernist perspectives that opened up British photography in the decades that followed.

ANOTHER EYE is the first UK exhibition to bring together work by this group of women, and explore their collective influence on British photography.

It is an opportunity to see original prints and work by established photographers Dorothy Bohm, Gerti Deutsch, Elsbeth Juda, Lotte Meitner-Graf, Lucia Moholy, Gerty Simon and Edith Tudor-Hart, and to discover work by Inge Ader, Anneli Bunyard, Elisabeth Chat, Laelia Goehr, Lisel Haas, Heidi Heimann, Erika Koch, Betti Mautner, Bertl Sachsel and Lore Lisbeth Waller.

Bethnal Green 121 Roman Rd, E2 0QN