03/11/2021 - 20/03/2022

Mid C18th - Painting

Hogarth & Europe

Few artists have defined an era as much as William Hogarth (1697-1764), whose vivid, satirical depictions of 18th century England continue to capture the imagination today.

Tate Britain’s major exhibition Hogarth and Europe will present his work in a fresh light, seen for the first time alongside works by his continental contemporaries. It will explore the parallels and exchanges that crossed borders and the cosmopolitan character of Hogarth’s art. Hogarth’s best-known paintings and prints, such as Marriage A-la-Mode 1743, The Gate of Calais 1748 and Gin Lane 1751, will be shown alongside works by famed European artists, including Jean-Siméon Chardin in Paris, Pietro Longhi in Venice, and Cornelis Troost in Amsterdam.

Together they will reveal how changes in society took art in new directions, both in Britain and abroad.


Pimlico Millbank, SW1P 4RG