6 - 9pm, Wednesday 13th Oct


Housing present Arlene Wandera - 3 Bodies

Arlene Wandera is an artist based in London. Her practice frequently begins with the process, pushing the physical boundaries of material and objects to the edge of resistance and then surrender.

Arlene’s work is also prompted by occupying the space between two cultures, focusing on nostalgia, conflict, harmony, social interaction, and double meaning. Often using common and overlooked items that imprint on our daily lives, Arlene reworks, confounds, and teases out unorthodox, alternative, and sometimes playful outcomes that exist as objects, experiences, performances, still or moving images.

Arlene has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Most notably, she represented Kenya at the 57th Venice Biennale and participated in the 13th and 11th in Dak’Art Biennial where she was selected as one of ten artists to watch.


Aldgate 10 Greatorex St, E1 5NF