7 - 8:30pm, Thursday 30th Jan


Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy Programme: Florence Peake with Alexandrina Hemsley & Garrett Nelson - CAVE

Part of Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy, a programme of six specially commissioned artworks exploring the concept and practice of wellness.

The opening can be hard to find
A thin slash
barefaced cliff face
Turn sideways to enter
Abrasive crunch of pebbles, a crude ingress
Adjust to settle, fingertips rasping on your rough inner lining
to steady on the movable ground

There is a tidal cave on the Jurassic coast, South West England. It is a site of retreat and refuge from the world for only 3 hours before it is again submerged by the Atlantic. A place of dark, wet sanctuary, Peake considers the cave a lover. This intimate performance recalls her encounters with the cave and the existential immersion it offers her.

The Strand Strand, WC2R 1LA