6:30 - 7:30pm, Monday 23rd Mar


Inaugural Lecture: Professor Dryden Goodwin [The Slade] - Alongside: Drawn to Know

Professor of Fine Art, Dryden Goodwin delivers his Inaugural Lecture: Alongside: Drawn to Know.

Engaging with different uses of drawing, the lens and soundtrack, Dryden Goodwin is an artist who has created works for galleries, museums, public space, cinemas and on-line.

His practice involves close observation and engagement with individuals and groups; he is captivated by the boundaries between anonymity and intimacy, public and private, singular worlds and group dynamics.

Dryden Goodwin was appointed Professor of Fine Art in September 2018.


Bloomsbury 2nd Floor, South Junction Wilkins Building, Gower St, WC1E 6BT