09/03/2023 - 30/04/2023

Contemporary - Multi-Disciplinary

Invites: Catinca Malaimare

Thu-Sun: 12-6pm

Zabludowicz Collection is pleased to present Gamma and Omega hold hands, a solo exhibition by Romanian-born London-based artist Catinca Malaimare. In it, Malaimare’s choreography takes the form of performance, sculpture, audio and film, revealing our intimate relationship with technological tools.

"Bathed in a cool blue light, the central motif of the installation – an industrial roller conveyor belt on movable wheels – rests patiently in a curved shape. A multi-channel audio narrative plays from a set of speakers hidden behind disco balls as the lead characters, Gamma and Omega, slowly enter the exhibition space. For thirty minutes, the performers intertwine and labour alongside the cumbersome conveyor belt. The machine acts as another body, each taking turns at being passive and active, connected and disconnected. Machines and devices depend on bodies to function, and in real time we watch Gamma and Omega portray the tenderness and toil of this dynamic. Using poetic, spiritual gestures, Malaimare facilitates an ephemeral, fleeting moment which acknowledges our technological co-dependence."

Performance Schedule
Thursday 9th March, 7pm
Saturday 11th March, 3pm
Saturday 18th March, 3pm
Saturday 25th March, 3pm
Saturday 15th April, 3pm
Saturday 29th April, 3pm


Chalk Farm 176 Prince of Wales Rd, NW5 3PT