6 - 9pm, Thursday 30th Mar


Isaac Andrews - We Grew Closer As The World Fell Apart


‘We Grew Closer As The World Fell Apart’ is a solo exhibition by Isaac Andrews. Featuring a collection of figurative oil paintings, the show delves into the complexity of human connection and emotion in a dystopian society, and the emotions that define the human experience in an increasingly unrecognisable world.

Presenting moments of human intimacy; moments of suffering; of solitude; of childhood innocence and of expression, these paintings present imagined yet universal scenes. Driven by disillusionment and fear, Andrews wants viewers to contemplate the importance of hope, human connection, agency and individual thought as the world shifts so drastically around us.

As society loses all sense of community, the works explore the role of interpersonal relationships, and the universal struggle to connect with others, to understand and to be understood, and to find meaning in our lives.


Shoreditch 9 Club Row, London E1 6JX