6 - 9pm, Thursday 30th Jun


Jacob Yentob - FACING UP

The Muse is delighted to invite you to FACING UP by Jacob Yentob.
Jacob Yentob is a London born artist with Iraqi Jewish roots. He is largely self taught and didn’t attend art school. He has however worked with several accomplished artists assisting them in their studios.

Yentob works across a wide range of mediums from ink to paint, writing, sound, film and photography to depict an interior world on a spectrum from calm to comic to terrifying. There is an immediacy and urgency in Yentob’s work, fuelled by a restless energy and humanity.

In this landscape of the mind, he allows the observer to experience a range of complex emotions which can be playful, provocative and profound. There is a restlessness in the work which expresses different moods and psychic states. The artist is finding a form to express and explore anxiety and exhilaration.


Notting Hill 269 Portobello Rd W11 1LR