28/06/2022 - 03/07/2022

Contemporary - Mixed Medium

Jake Hasapopoulos, Lucia Farrow, Arlette & Mila Rowyszyn - World Famous Babylon

"We have found Solitude and purgatory within a dark lit post-juvenile roadside resurrection of the final years of freedom, a time that some may call the origin of the future. Through calling upon the industrial framework that bred designer teens, we have provided an altar to our coming of age manifesto, written from a birds eye view. We were Birthed in nature, bred in a lab and educated to the highest level we could reach. Re-born Virgins who speak in tongues streaming to the masses. Growing information out of the linoleum flooring, letting fungi tower over us. Sacredly and neurotically holding onto the past in an attempt to re-live the melancholia we all wish to feel, time and time again."


Walthamstow Barbican Arts Group Trust, 114a Black Horse Lane, E17 6AA