21/01/2023 - 18/02/2023

Contemporary - Painting

James Bartolacci - Saudade

Tue-Sat: 10-6pm

"Saudade is a Portuguese word that connotes an emotional state of intense longing for something that does not necessarily still exist. The term encapsulates bittersweet nostalgia; the emotional experience of recalling past feelings of vitality which now results in a sense of disillusionment.

In James Bartolacci’s latest body of work, the artist engages with the concept of Saudade. Exploring their own identity in relation to queer nightlife and clubbing as they develop into their mid-30’s. Bartolacci still finds great resonance in queer nightlife, however, there has been a shift as more of their contemporaries stay home and a new generation of crowds start to frequent these spaces. The intrinsic joys once experienced are now being replaced with more extrinsic motivations: pressures to look a certain way, and experience quantified only by its digital realisation."


Notting Hill 1 Londsdale Rd, W11 2BY