03/11/2022 - 26/11/2022

Contemporary - Painting

James Mortimer - Eaten Alive

Thu-Sat: 11-6:30pm

James Freeman presents ‘Eaten Alive’, a collection of new paintings by the British artist James Mortimer, venturing deep into a surreal imaginary world of idealised nature and unfettered human instincts.

James Mortimer’s paintings describe a tropical land being colonised as an idyllic playground. Nature here is both beautiful and vicious, its arrays of palms trees and open plains interrupted by rumbling volcanos and hungry crocodiles. Amidst them, pockets of buildings seek to tame the land and turn it into an expansive pleasure garden. It is a hallucinatory world where civil restraint falls away and human urges are allowed unrestricted expression, all described in vivid colour and sumptuous painterly hues.


Angel 354 Upper St, N1 0PD