30/06/2022 - 30/07/2022

Contemporary - Painting

James Owens - Dreaming of UFOs

"Lychee One proudly presents Dreaming of UFOs, a new body of work by painter James Owens. Through psychologically charged expressions of emotional states, the artist’s paintings of luminous nocturnal scenes suggest the power of mystery and anticipation. The show’s title draws on Owens’ experiences of following online communities of UFO watchers.

The paintings also feature references to the artist’s autobiography and family history, drawing on memories to craft an imaginative world of unexpected juxtapositions. The works evoke a state of active, vivid dreaming, exploring the idea of visions as an alternative way of experiencing reality.

These nocturnal images also offer a parallel to the artist’s creative practice; most of the works are not meticulously pre-planned, but rather Owens embraces the process of exploration through painting – as though he is feeling his way through the dark to arrive at his images of half-sinister beauty and fantastical dreaming." - Text by Anna Souter


London Fields Unit 1, The Gransden, 39 Gransden Avenue, E8 3QA