24/11/2022 - 08/12/2022


Jane Treays - The World Laughs in Flowers

Jane Treays is an award winning documentary filmmaker, whose work over 30 years includes Inside Claridge’s, Extraordinary Families and The Queen’s Green Planet. Jane always took her sketchbook and paints on location, sometimes creating painted diaries of her travels.

In Lockdown, with nowhere to go, she picked up her watercolours full-time, capturing interiors and her garden before one day deciding to cut her up her work to create collages.

The vases in these collages can all be found in Jane’s home in Dorset, and she has grown many of the tulips and dahlias in her garden with the wildflowers handpicked in Cornwall.

Each piece involves sketching with pencil, penning with ink and then watercolour before being cut up and arranged against a background of wallpaper or hand painted paper. It’s an entirely home grown process of creation.

"I used to be someone who was always on a plane, travelling endlessly”, Jane has written. “Now nothing makes me happier than sitting at home with my pots and paints and scissors, marvelling at the colours in nature that exist all around us. I love bright colours to feed the soul. Each flower is breathtaking in its range and shape. The collages are a burst of sunshine and colour, often with a folk art feel, to brighten our days and inspire us to stop and look.”

The title of this exhibition is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem ‘Hamatreya’ (1846).

Soho 40 Frith St, W1D 5LN