26/04/2022 - 20/12/2022

Immersive - Audio Visual

Javier González Pesce, Lei Yan, Nikita Kadan, Yui Inoue, Yuya Suzuki & Zhenhua Li - Jiá Fèng 夹缝

Sun-Thu: 11-5pm

Jiá Fèng 夹缝” is the annual programme at the Troy House Art Foundation, responding to the current socio-political crises and human condition.

Initiated by artist Yuan Gong, Jiá Fèng 夹缝 is curated to respond to current socio-political crises and human condition.

Jiá Fèng means a very limited space - it is referred to here as a concept which reflects the reality where people are recreating space to stay and survive in such a narrow room, where people are looking for the loss during their displacement, and where freedom is disappearing; then how do you find freedom through art? Jiá Fèng is like a society - a society that is losing its freedom. We are in the Jiá Fèng.


Vauxhall 10-12 New Union Square, SW117AX