25/01/2023 - 04/03/2023

Contemporary - Photography

Jem Southam - The Seventh Winter

Mon-Sat: 10-5:30pm

Huxley-Parlour are delighted to announce their third presentation with British photographer, Jem Southam: The Seventh Winter. The exhibition is the culmination of seven years photographing the same, short stretch of floodplain on the River Exe, and is testament to Southam’s enduring interest in conceptual landscape photography, ritual and repetition, transition and flux.

For the past seven years, Jem Southam has returned to the same, short, 100 yard stretch of the River Exe to photograph the liminal period between sunrise and daybreak during the winter period. Arriving in darkness, Southam waits and watches as the sky brightens, observing the gradual awakening of the river’s wildlife, and as each day passes, the cumulative encroach of Winter.

The Seventh Winter brings renewed meaning to the ‘presence’ of the photographer, the landscape’s slow evolution contrasting with his ritual return. Gestative and expectant, Southam’s photographs describe the ‘theatre’ of the landscape: ‘each and every day the sculptural form of the view I am contemplating is different, and presents a quiet drama of which I am a part. The river and its immediate banks, the stage; the distant view, the surrounding trees and the sky, make up the wings and the backdrop.’


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