6 - 8pm, Wednesday 16th Nov


Jenkin van Zyl - Vore

A text from Jordan Tannahill accompanies the exhibition, an extract of which is below.

Anne Carson writes in Eros the Bittersweet, “Eros is an issue of boundaries”, and “the main, inevitable boundary that creates Eros (is) the boundary of flesh and self between you and me.” She writes that it is only at the moment when we would dissolve that boundary that we realise we never can. But how might we truly dissolve ourselves into the other? Vorarephilia, the erotic desire or sexual fantasy to be consumed or to consume another, might be understood as the ultimate Bataillean limit experience, in which we are not only pushed to the very limit of our being, but beyond, into a full and final consummation (consumption) of eros.

The relinquishing of the self to the devouring maw is not mere death-drive, but rather a desire to merge fully with another. An unbirth in which we reenter the other, womblike, quite literally dissolving ourselves within their embrace. It is the totalising intimacy sought by the bugchaser: a knitting of selves on the molecular level, resulting in permanent transformation." — Jordan Tannahill


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