6 - 8pm, Thursday 3rd Nov


Jenny Blyth Fine Art presents Peter Blegvad & Chloe Fremantle - Light Seeking Light

60 Paintings by Peter Blegvad & Chloe Fremantle.

Chloe Fremantle - There is an innate sense of joy in Chloe Fremantle's painting. Such is the effect of colour and patterning in her work for us as viewers. Whether painting at home in London, or panning out over the Cote d'Azur from a much-loved studio in the Alpes Maritime, her subjects range from her immediate environment to reflections on life and politics.

Peter Blegvad - Preoccupations and narrative are woven into Peter Blegvad's 'Flightless Kites' like dreams. Whether figurative or abstsracted, they are suspended in a state of meditative stasis with notes of architecture, ancient text and figures, imagined or real. His series of 3D 'construct paintings' feature kites are nebulous, playful and quirky, showing together with a portfolio of black and white portraits drawn from classic film noir, and Japanese-inspired landscapes.


Charing Cross 3-5 Whitcomb Street, London WC2H 7HA