19/01/2023 - 25/02/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Jeremy Demester - Ram Muay

Tue-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 11-6pm

Ram Muay is a ritual dance performed by muay Thai fighters prior to their bout, to pay respect to their teachers. The artist salutes his mentors, who put him on the path to mastery and grace. Jeremy Demester’s (b. 1988) exhibition embodies this gesture, visually translating the salutation into painting and ceramics.

In Ram Muay, Demester returns to figuration, marking a turning point in his practice and completing a cycle initiated in 2017 with Fire Walk With Me, a period of experimentation that took him to the most abstract frontiers of the landscape genre. This exhibition is a salutation after the fight.


Mayfair First Floor, 41 Dover St, W1 4NS