17/11/2022 - 18/12/2022

Inaugural Show - Contemporary - Painting

Jess Allen - Nobody’s Watching

Wed-Sun: 11-7pm

"In her images of empty seats in the home or in public spaces, and in her shadow figure paintings, Allen explores absence and presence, memory, and ideas around emptiness. Her large interiors are people-less, but they are imbued with a sense of those who have left, or should be there. Intimate home interiors, and empty chairs and sofas, with books on them, or shadows passing over them, suggest questions, and a sense of longing for a past moment in time. She says of the shadow figures, that they are like a visual echo, and also ‘like dust, the shadows remain". - In Art Edit Magazine, Erin Irwin writes about Jess Allen’s work:


Oval 72 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6BH