09/07/2022 - 30/07/2022

Contemporary - Fashion & Textiles

Jill Kennedy-McNeill - Task Force: Solving the World is Easy to Do

Jill Kennedy-McNeill is a Scottish artist living and working in London. She trained in Fashion and Textile Design and Production, skills which she mostly alienates from their intended purpose, preferring instead to retaliate by creating objects and installations that infrequently pay any attention to wearability.

"‘Task Force: Solving the World is Easy To Do’ is an exhibition and game that features 6 brave heroes of the sustainability crusade. Each one wears a costume made from upcycled clothing. Information about how much these garments cost to make and how much the people who made them might have been paid are the stats you can use to play the game. The Fashion Industry, at every level, operates (varyingly) in accordance with a business model reliant on planned obsolescence, international deregulation and free market economics, all of which are inextricable from the continuing exploitation of workers. Whilst creating a space to consider what our lives begin to look like when acquisition is no longer our primary objective, ‘Task Force’ asks; who will come out on top, in a game where everybody loses?"


Romford Romford Shopping Hall, 43 Market Place, Romford, RM1 3AB