6:30 - 8:30pm, Tuesday 17th Sep


Joanna Rajkowska - The Failure of Mankind

To develop empathy for the animal world, Rajkowska suggests that we put ourselves in their 'skin' and try to 'become' them. To facilitate this process she produced masks and shoes using animal fur and bones. Additionally she used objects that she found discarded in the forest by her house in the country: beer cans cut into strips, circuits and cables, which point to the fact that now human pollution is unfortunately an inseparable part of our environment.

She also has a work 'The Hatchling' currently on show in Regents Park for Frieze Sculpture. The Hatchling inspired a wide range of reflections on the power of empathy and humans' ability to feel and understand other species. It signals the fundamental importance of and our dependence on other species.


Bloomsbury Pied Bull Yard, 68/69 Great Russell St, WC1B 3BN