06/08/2022 - 02/09/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Johanna Bolton, Sandra Lane, Natasha Macvoy,Giota Papakyriakou & Gloria Sulli - BLUSH

Artists - Johanna Bolton, Sandra Lane, Natasha Macvoy,Giota Papakyriakou & Gloria Sulli.

"Skin reddens, the heart beats faster, breath quickens, stomachs lurch and gurgle - everything we feel has a bodily response. Blush celebrates the connections between love and lungs, anguish and intestines with sculptures on living in a body.

Five women artists who make work with bodily themes are making sculpture based on what it feels like to inhabit a body. Art often views the body as something to be looked at from the outside, a smooth exterior. Blush explores our interior world and its connections between how we feel emotionally with how our body reacts to these feelings and exterior stimulations. Tactile forms portray the materiality of the body, its sensations and textures and its interconnected systems.

Natasha MacVoy wanders along the nervous system collecting stories and thoughts which she presses into delicate ceramic drawings. Johanna Bolton explores the roller coaster of digestion through materials from twisted metal to undulating ceramics. Giota Papakyriakou’s wall mounted soap dishes evoke feelings of tension and care through the physical act of washing. Sandra Lane takes the inside outside with undulating arches, gut flora and shoes with tongues. Gloria Sulli takes a deep breath and holds it for us…"


Walworth The Chaplin Centre Taplow House, Thurlow St ,SE17 2DG