23/11/2022 - 15/12/2022

Contemporary - Painting

Johannes Bosisio - Souls from Objects from Souls from Objects from Souls

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

"Pristine surfaces, metallic shapes, fabrics that glow in dim light - Bosisio’s practice explores the compatibility, or incompatibility of the organic and the inorganic, that of the artificial and technological. The anatomies of objects are dissected and exposed, shapeshifting and ever-changing, in simultaneous decay and renewal.

At the same time, they are both treasured and fetishised - their smooth shapes, colours and proportions epitomising symmetry and ratio - and these creations of desire are thereby a step closer to [insert]. The gleaming warmth of cybernetic seduction indulges a sense of self, as we are dependable to the function of society, just as society is dependent on the machine - on the next big thing. We all fuck machines, most of us just don’t know it."

Johannes Bosisio (b.1994, Cavalese, Italy) lives and works between London and Bolzano. His work examines the relationships between mankind and machine, body and mind, and the material and immaterial whilst interrogating their implicit dualisms through fusing binary forms to create a sense of hybridity.


Camberwell Unit 10, Vanguard Court, SE5 8QT