6:30 - 8:30pm, Friday 13th Sep

Private View

John Latham - Offer for Sale

Offer for Sale is an exhibition that looks at John Latham’s conceptual understanding of art and economics shaped by his involvement in the Artist Placement Group. Central to the exhibition is a reconstruction of the previously lost seminal work Offer for Sale (1974).

Offer for Sale is a radical proposal, a financial report detailing the activities of the Artist Placement Group and presented to the Arts Council on the occasion of the 1971–72 Hayward Gallery exhibition inn7o – Art & Economics. It was then represented in an exhibition as a display structure at The Gallery, London, 1974.

Using original archival documents and artworks, this exhibition contextualises this artwork within Latham’s understanding of economics including exposition on the alternative to pound sterling ‘unit of attention’ Latham designated as ‘delta’ (Δ).


Peckham 210 Bellenden Rd, SE15 4BW

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