06/05/2022 - 29/05/2022

New Work - Sculpture

John Summers - Mud and Stars

"Mud and stars. Is this figure being imbued with life or wrenched out of it? Is it angel or Golem? Either way it shocks us as its parts - its bits and pieces - come sharply into focus and then blur. We're dazzled by the glitter, shocked by the chicken wire. We know, and don't know, what's going on. What the hell's going on. We are reminded that Rodin's Gates of Hell were inhabited by some exquisite shades and graces, taken from life and turned into myth.

Summers' sculptures wrestle as the artist himself does with the material and the manifestation of the work. The states of entropy and creation in constant battle. Casts of the artist's own body, half a head, arms and legs escape their owner, bones break away from their muscle. All hail the new flesh!

Classical allusions are inevitable each with that two-way interpretation - Pygmalion or Prometheus. Is the artist blessed or cursed with power or impotence. What forbidden fruit do these branches carry? In time, in the studio, these works grow or decay, limbs and elements accruing or disintegrating until as they're presented here the gallery fixes their state - a resting point yet with no certainty of permanence once the show is ended... or the lights are off."


Shoreditch 57a Redchurch St, E2 7DJ