10/01/2022 - 18/02/2022

New Work - Glass

Jon Lewis - Distant Electric Vision

Vessel Gallery presents ‘Distant Electric Vision’, by glass artist, Jon Lewis. Engaged with themes of recycling, the creative synthesis of glass with metal, and the transformation of outmoded consumer products into art, this exhibition will reveal brand new works conceived from the artist’s unlimited imagination.

From scorched Meteorites to sculptural Trains - holding aloft their own abstract billboard declarations - this exhibition will surprise, intrigue and astound.

‘Distant Electric Vision’, originates from 1908, a term coined by the engineer A. A. Campbell Swinton, who presciently described the principles of the television years before the technology existed to make one. Alluding to the fusion of prehistoric and futuristic themes, there could be no better exhibition title, yet it is Campbell's and Lewis’s shared fearless belief in their ideas that uniquely unites them. However, unlike this progressive engineer, Lewis has a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to bring all of his to fruition.


Notting Hill 114 Kensington Park Road, W11 2PW