29/06/2023 - 19/09/2023

Contemporary - Painting

Jonah Pontzer - Fresh Hall

Wed-Sat: 12-6pm

Accompanied by a text written by Joseph Yaeger, an extract of which is below:

"These paintings are–insofar as we recognise ‘subjects’ within them (insects, arachnids, black holes, cat eyes, war machines)–windows, both in the literal sense of the transom installation as well as the metaphorical question posed in the layered complexity of their form: who made these? And how? And with what? And why? These are questions one poses at any exhibit, probably–notice how artists inspect others’ paintings like detectives–however in Fresh Hell the answers are not so easily located. The paintings reflect, they shape-shift. At angles a colour may flash holographically toward its complement, red to green, orange to blue, seemingly alive, very much like the light the paintings deftly depict. But if you the viewer have been placed below a transom, gazing up as if for transcendence, the suggestion is the door is or cannot or will not open. You, we, Pontzer, is trapped."


Bethnal Green 223 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 0AL