6 - 9pm, Thursday 5th Sep

Private View

Jonathan Boy - Thoughts Between the Land and Sea: Raising the Doggerland

Jonathan Boyd’s work has sought to explore and understand the actions of language, narrative and communication through the form of objects and jewellery.

In this exhibition Boyd uses the idea of a newly raised Doggerland (a nowsubmerged land bridge between Britain and Northern Europe) as a viewpoint from which to look back on the UK.

From this vantage, the exhibition sees the former island in dismay,
cultural identities polarised, leaders unelected, a public overloaded by information and mindsets blinkered. A global world, an isolated island. Visually, two significant metaphors are developed for exploring this concept: the sea as a reflection on the unknown, mortality and the future; the land as a metaphor for what is known and the heavy weight of contemporary material culture and language.


Shoreditch 92 Brick Lane, E1 6RL