29/04/2023 - 03/06/2023

Contemporary - Sculpture

Jonathan McCree - EchoEcho

Fri: 10-4pm; Sat: 11-5pm

For this exhibition McCree’s earlier cardboard sculptures are referenced in sand-cast aluminium arrangements hung onto the walls of the gallery, where the forms are echoed in wall painting and paintings on sheet aluminium.

The new sculptures see shapes that McCree has worked with before metamorphosed; blown up, simplified, exaggerated in scale and transformed in almost covert fashion, into a new material. Casting cardboard into aluminium destabilises our experience and offers up a tension around truth, authenticity and value. We are fluctuating between the experience of something real and the sense of something symbolic.

“My intention is to generate sensations from an encounter with colour, weight, surface, texture and space. In turn I ask my sculpture to operate in space in a way that requires us to use our memory. We have to walk around, look through and peer inside. We scan and hold in mind.” - McCree, April 2023


Camberwell 6 Camberwell Passage, SE5 0AX