6 - 7:30pm, Thursday 17th Sep


Kanbi Projects in collaboration with Koppel Project present - There, Here, Nowhere: Dwelling At The Edge Of The World [Early Admission]

'Kanbi Projects in collaboration with The Koppel Project Exchange is presents 'There, Here, Nowhere: Dwelling At The Edge Of The World', a group exhibition exploring the notion of diasporic identity and the cultural production by African Diaspora artists in the West.

The show features work by four emerging artists based across Canada, the US and the UK. The works navigate through complex multi-cultural, transnational, socio-political identities and historical art aesthetics; fluidly moving from one to the other without a sense of total belonging, as an outsider dwelling in the ‘in-between’ space of being African/Black and Western - existing on the periphery, the edge of society.'

St James's 193 Piccadilly, W1J 9EU