5 - 7:30pm, Friday 3rd Dec


Kaoli Mashio - 19.20.21

"19.20.21 follows the two solo exhibitions A Door Like A Wall and A Bigger Door Like A Wall, both held in Düsseldorf in 2021, at Bloom and Salon des Amateurs respectively.

During an extended stay in rural Japan in 2019, as the coronavirus was first beginning to emerge, Mashio had embarked on a series of paintings based on the layers of galvanised steel plates that were common in local architecture.

As 2020 wore on, a gap, or at least, some kind of liminal space, began to appear in the paintings. Something in them was leaking through and out, growing between the bars of eye-twisting vertical lines. One of the best things about Contemporary art is to see what artists do in a moment that feels seismic, when we know that something important is happening but don’t have the distance of history to analyse it. 19.20.21 is one of these exhibitions, a painterly and poetic response to a period that will not be forgotten lightly."


Knightsbridge 63 Kinnerton Street, SW1X 8ED