20/09/2022 - 30/09/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

KAOS - Square & Traingles

Mon-Sat: 11-6pm; Sun 11-4pm

An exhibition inspired by the Bloomsbury Group and the artists, writers, poets and musicians of Fitzrovia. “They lived in squares and loved in triangles.” Dorothy Parker

Kingston Artists – KAOS – invited the BBK artists from Oldenburg, North Germany to join them in an exhibition at Fitzrovia Gallery to celebrate the creative lives of the artists, writers, poets and musicians who have populated the Fitzrovia neighbourhood of London in recent centuries.

Kingston Artists – is a group of more than 80 multi-disciplinary artists and crafts makers. One of Kingston Artists’ aims is to put on innovative art exhibitions by collaborating with artists across borders and across creative disciplines.


Fitzrovia 139 Whitfield St, W1T 5EN