18/09/2021 - 13/11/2021

New Work - Sculpture

Kate Fahey - blubbing

Commonage is pleased to present Kate Fahey’s solo exhibition blubbing. In the subterranean space, Fahey’s installation explores the fluidity and underneath-ness of both membranes and sensations. The architecture mimics corporeality, becoming permeable: leaking, seeping, oozing, dripping, weeping…experiments in viscous physicality.

Biomorphic forms twist and coil, we are mirrored in their tendrilous movements. A knitted conduit, that both amplifies and muffles, slinks towards us, our bodies might bend to share an interaction. The coolness of a contorting pipe and the looping of digital technologies are softened and warmed with biology.


Bethnal Green 53 Old Bethnal Green Rd, E2 6QA