24/09/2021 - 16/10/2021

New Work - Ceramics

Katia Kesic - When Personal Becomes Vernacular: Mythology of Everyday

Ancient Greek pottery is an indispensable source of the information about religious beliefs, cultural memory and everyday life of the fascinating culture which influenced the world in an outstanding way. The clay was used as a canvas and a paper at the same time, blending the language of artistic and narrative expression.

Katia Kesic (b. 1986) practice unites the mediums of conversation about the personal experience of the complex world and relations within it.

Her ceramic sculptures are the reflections on the amalgamation of the events of the life of contemporary ambitious and creative woman. She processes the intercultural experience of the surrounding her urban environment, challenges of migration, shifting political identity; and weaves it in ceramics as a contemporary female Homer.

Elephant & Castle Morris Associates, Studio 24, 87 Crampton Street, SE17 3AZ