7 - 12am, Tuesday 7th Dec

Launch Party

Kawaii Agency Group Show

Kawaii Agency is a digital exhibition held as part of the Wrong Biennale. The virtual show centres around the manifold ideas of cuteness found thriving within contemporary culture. It brings together brand new projects by fourteen emerging artists, exploring what cuteness, as an aesthetic or a thematic concern or an existential condition, might mean to them.

The artworks produced by Kawaii Agency’s roster of artists manage to align diverse modes of practice with exciting critical positions to interrogate the cute in playful and subversive ways. The artists featured in this exhibition are: Vince Ibay, Maddy Plimmer, Peggy Huang, Salome Czapiewski, Jody Evans, Megumi Ohata, Jan Berger, Joseph Losper, Aaliyah Jackson, Shane Sutherland, Bart Seng Wen Long, Anna Komitska, Juliusz Grabianski and Misha Notley.

DJ set time (PM):
7:30-8:15 @boy.lucid πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
8:15-9:15 @immonalisa 🍑
9:15-10 @maitedeorbe πŸ’˜
10-11 @nochillbeatriz 🐣
11-12mn @gertieguttersnipe πŸ’


South Bermondsey Avalon Cafe, Juno Way, SE14 5RW