4 - 8pm, Friday 25th Jun


KCAW Event - Group Show supported by ACAVA - IN REVERIE : Part 1

In this exhibition, the artists invite the viewer to explore their dreams, playful illusions and unique perceptions of the world around them, offering a unique glimpse into their creative processes.

Given the past year and a half of covid-induced isolation, IN REVERIE: Part 1 aims to propel the viewer through an emotional and enlightening voyage of imagination and freedom.

The exhibition is housed in the vast space of Maxilla Walk Studios in Notting Hill, only 5 minutes from where the Grenfell Disaster took place. Given the importance of the location, and the huge impact the disaster continues to have on the area, 30% of all proceeds from this exhibition will be given to the Grenfell Foundation.


Ladbroke Grove 4 Maxilla Walk, W10 6NQ