7 - 9pm, Thursday 25th May


Keith Hopewell - Up On The Roof

Hopewell’s contemporary practice features his gestural works, string systems and performative time paintings. Uniquely, this will be the first exhibition where his representational work can be viewed alongside his non-representational pieces.

A selection of films provides a glimpse into the vast output of his work including early letter pieces, controversial CMYK interventions and low-tech/ high impact projects. These works utilised discarded cardboard, cut to re-imagine text/type that could be assembled in the public sphere. Pieces of up to nine meters in length were packed in sections, allowing for travel and checking-in at airports. These hyper-type works were placed on central reservations, glass safety panels and even on rows of supermarket shopping trolleys, following Hopewell’s music tour routes. They have been installed and photographed in cities such as London, Berlin, Paris, Marseilles, Geneva, Zurich, Moscow, New York, and Copenhagen.

The holistic ‘thread’ that links the works in this exhibition is Hopewell’s response to the human condition and above all, what it means to be human. From photorealist portraiture, painted free hand with painstaking detail, to gestural works centred around the movement of the body and performative process, his work investigates the relationship of time, people and transition through place.


Hackney 1 Lower Clapton Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 0NS