08/09/2021 - 23/10/2021

New Work - Painting

Kenneth Bergfeld - Fast Day Menu

The exhibition will showcase a new series of paintings, all of a female figure.

"I let Svenja take a seat on the long sofa in the studio. While we begin each session by talking about everything that is happening in the world and with us I wait. Like someone who fishes, I wait for the wild terrain of the moment. A gesture, a word, a gaze. I ask her if she’d feel comfortable holding a certain pose. I ask her what the pose makes her feel both physically and psychologically and we move on from there. Other times Svenja brings up suggestions and I listen. She suggests a certain T-shirt or a pose, because she wishes to co-construct her own image."


Bethnal Green Dressage Court, 64 Three Colts Lane, E2 6GP