12 - 6pm, Thursday 24th Mar

Day Opening

Kes-tchaas Eccleston - New Found Forms

New Found Forms is an investigation into London, and the architecture that exists within the city. The project is a study of how we interact with space, documenting the various elements that shape the spaces we interact with; light, form and colour, as well as suggesting our own humanity and relation to these spaces.

Through Kes-tchaas’s work we engage in a glimpse of the elements that unite distinct architectural spaces. These photos serve as a document of the collective footprint we leave upon the city.

Kes-tchaas’s photographs are interested in understanding how the geometry of these spaces is changed by the things that interact with them, giving them New Found Forms.

Kes-tchaas Eccleston is a photographer and artist based in North West London. Much of his work is concerned with visually documenting the relationship between communities, spaces and people. Over the past two years, Kes-tchaas has photographed and curated New Found Forms as the inaugural recipient of the Architecture Photography Fund.


Kilburn 91 Kilburn Bridge, NW6 6PS