01/07/2022 - 13/08/2022

New Work - Painting

Khaleb Brooks - Can I Get A Witness

Mon-Fri: 10-6pm; Sat: 10-7pm

Represented by Gazelli Art House, Khaleb Brooks is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and writer exploring blackness, transness and collective memory. Rooted in personal experience, Can I Get A Witness offers a new range of mixed media, oil paintings, installations and sound-based works that chart the various angles and journeys of the artist’s life.

An intimate display of medical scans that memorialise the artist’s body before undergoing gender-affirming surgery is placed alongside mixed media imagery grappling with the historical policing of black women -exploring empowerment as a tool of survival.

He explains: “Black women, while making up the majority of congregations in Christian churches across the U.S., rarely serve as spiritual leaders. The women in the ministry are also entrepreneurs, founders, heads of households, breadwinners; and in the case of my mother: the pastor’s bodyguard”.


Mayfair 39 Dover St, W1S 4NN