13/04/2022 - 14/05/2022

New Work - Mixed Medium

Kutluğ Ataman

His exhibition at Niru Ratnam Gallery will feature the new work 'The Stream', a collection of television monitors that are placed in an irregular vertical structure, on which brings together Ataman's recent research and practice around art and environmentalism with a form that visually recalls his well-known installation works that have been widely exhibited in museums around the world.

Ataman's exhibition will also be at a secondary pop-up space in 6 Denman Place, Soho. There, Ataman will show photographic works from his new series 'Other Planets' which looks at the return of societal oppression of subject positions deemed other by authorities. The series, which also includes a major new film, builds on themes seen in earlier works such as 'Women Who Wear Wigs'. In addition Ataman is working on his new feature film 'Hilal, Feza and Other Planets' which will debut later in 2022.


Soho 1st Floor, 23 Ganton St, W1F 9BW